The Shark Laser with a laser clamp

Mounting the Shark Laser on a spear gun or as doubles on a rig to measure fish is just a matter of using your imagination

clamp with ruler

This clamp rotates 360 degrees to point the laser in any direction from the bar/

laser in clamp

The Shark laser snaps into the grip while the clamp jaws have a threaded bolt to adjust it to a bar

spear gun

Mounted parallel to bar, possible mounting for a spear gun depending on your ingenuity.

cross bar

Mounted at 90 degrees from bar for rigs such as the one seen below.

double bar

Two clamps used to mount lasers side by side to project beams for measuring live fish or other underwater objects.

Laser Clamp

This is a discounted price if purchased at the same time as a laser.  If purchased separately the price is $15 because of postage and handling.